HCCC is a ministry of HOPE Christian Life Center a registered Not-for-profit organization.

Our mission:

HCCC’s mission is to empower disadvantaged and disenfranchised individuals, families, and youths to take control of their destiny and function productively by providing them with the necessary skills to realize their dreams, through Christian counseling, education, social skills training, motivation, and participating in the treatment of abnormal behaviors to become successful.

Our CORE Values:

  • We are committed to honor Jesus Christ and glorify God, remaining flexible and responsive to the Holy Spirit in all that He has called us to be and do.
  • We are committed to Biblical truths, and to clinical excellence and unity in the delivery of all our resources, services, training and benefits.
  • We are committed to effectively and competently serve the community of care worldwide—with excellence and timeliness, and by over-delivery on our promises.
  • We are committed to value and invest in our people as partners in our mission to help others effectively provide Christ-centered counseling and soul-care for hurting people.
  • We are committed to profitably steward the resources God gives to us in order to continue serving the needs of hurting people.