Eric Kazenga, Ph.D

Eric Kazenga, Ph.D is a gifted Counselor with a strong desire to see clients overcome their difficulties. His passion for Christian Counseling comes not only from extensive studies and the work accomplished with his patients, but from experiences through his own struggles. Having encountered some of the same problems as his counselees, he can naturally identify with his patients’ challenges and better provide clear direction where necessary

Eric Kazenga, Ph.D has conducted extensive research on premarital education, marriage therapy and divorce among a diverse cultural background. He is trained and experienced in a wide range of issues and therapeutic counseling modalities; competently applies Cognitive Behavioral Therapies (CBT) to address maladaptive emotions, behaviors, and cognitions through a goal-oriented for; which includes cross-cultural counseling that respects cultural differences..

He is widely recognized for his expertise in anger management for youth, and adults. His counseling practice includes individual, couples, and family therapy, and deals with such areas as self-esteem, communication, assertiveness, grief, depression, trauma, substance abuse, marital issues, parenting, and developmental and behavioral issues in children.

An Active member in good standing with (Evangelical Order of Certified Pastoral Counsellors – E.O.C.P.C) and Canadian Christian Clinical Counsellors Association (CCCCA) recognized chartered organizations holding Federal Letters of Patent mandated by the Government of Canada to Train and Certified Christian Counselors.

Eric Kazenga, Ph.D is available for Seminar, Training or Counseling Certification invitation:

Greta Rutty, PhD – Certified Counselor

Greta Rutty offers counselling and psychological services, under the supervision of a Registered Psychologist or Registered Psychological Associate.

Greta is a certified Clinical Counsellor, having a Doctarate in Christian Counselling.

Greta is currently a registered member in good standing with the Canadian Christian Clinical Counsellors Association (CCCCA) and the Ontario Association of Consultants, Counsellors, Psychometrists  (OACCPP and EOCPC).

Greta is trained and experienced in a wide range of issues and therapeutic counselling modalities, including extensive research in adolescent’s life in a diverse multi-cultural environment. She assists in Trauma, Depression, Stress matters, Anger Management, Grief, Applied Suicide Intervention (ASIST) Conflict Resolution and Life transitions.

Greta has an Institution Management background which provides her with the working knowledge of Nutrition and Dietetics, this combines with Eating Disorder Certification is of great advantage to her clients with specialized needs.

Godwin Ude, (Associate) – B.Pharm., MA., D.P.Th., Ph.D., D-CPC

Ude has extensive counseling experience spanning over two decades. He has written articles and books in the area of relationship and marriage counseling.  His compassion for Christian Counseling comes from his own struggles as a child within a family structure that forced him to become the source of consolation to his family members and later to many others. His training as a pharmacist and working experiences as a Therapeutic Drug Counselor within the hospital setting equipped him in the area of addiction therapy.

He has worked extensively among the Youth as both pastor and counselor. He has mentored and still mentor so many young people all over the world through his unique insight into what lurks in the hearts of so many young people and how to turn those to their advantage rather than otherwise.