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Question: If your parents have a different opinion on Biblical Dating than your pastor, with whose opinion should you go?

Answer: The stricter of the two. Ultimately, your parents have the final word in your life if you live at home, or if they support you financially in college.

Question: What is the outcome of Biblical Dating someone of a different religion, such as a Baptist or a Catholic?

Answer: Heartache, frustration, confusion, parents who are angry and hurt, a broken-hearted pastor, confused children and a home that is not built on a solid foundation is the outcome.

Question: Is it proper for the girl to initiate praying before a date?

Answer: I don't think so. If the two of you occasionally pray together, and you have a particular burden or prayer request, you could ask him to pray for you. If he never prays with you, ask him if he would consider putting something on a prayer list that is of concern to you, i.e., a family member, a new convert, a bus kid and so forth. A sharp young man will probably offer to pray about it with you right there.

Question: How can you express to your boyfriend that you care for him — besides

just doing things for him?

Answer: Brag on his character and spiritual works. Give him your undivided attention when he is talking to you. Be present at important events in his life and the lives of his family (if invited).

Question: What would you do if you're Biblical Dating a good Christian girl with whom you have a great time, and quite possibly she is the one, but she does things that nag you? What is a nice way to tell her?

Answer: Learning how to communicate and talk through differences and problems is what serious Biblical Dating is all about. Discussing negative issues is an art. First, choose a good time. Ask her if she would meet you at a convenient time to discuss a question you have.

Secondly, tell her what you do like about her. Next, bring up the negative in the form of a question, not an accusation. Fourth, give her time and attention to state her feelings. Fifth, thank her for being understanding and mature about the problem. And lastly, if you can't come to an agreement, agree to seek counsel together.

Question: When is the immediate authority over a girl transferred from her father to her fiance?

Answer: Technically, it is transferred on the wedding day. Practically, it began when the couple realized they loved each other and knew in their hearts they would marry.

The wise daddy gradually allows himself to lose the contest with his future son-in-law; and the wise son-in-law allows his future father-in-law to stay in control until the wedding day.

Question: In the case of high-school Christian Dating coupless, is it too personal for the young man to buy a dress for his date?

Answer: Yes, I think clothing is too personal for high school students to purchase for one another regardless of how long they have been Biblical Dating. As a general rule, I would not recommend a high-school Christian Dating couples to buy anything for each other that they would not consider buying for any other good friend in high school.

Question: What kinds of gifts would require the approval of your girlfriend's dad?

Answer: Jewelry and clothing are the most obvious. Of course, a boy should never be buying personal items for his girlfriend that only her parents and she should purchase. Generally, flowers, stuffed animals, decorations for her room and food are items that do not need her dad's approval. It might be wise to get her dad's approval before you purchase something expensive.

Question: What exactly does it mean to date someone who takes pride in his name?

Answer: By pride, I do not mean a superior attitude. I define it as respect and admiration for their family testimony and an attitude of concern to guard the honor and reputation of their parents and loved ones.

Question: How do you know if you are Biblical Dating too seriously? If so, how do you slow the Biblical Dating relationship?

Answer: Let me give you a little checklist.

  • Do your parents complain that all you talk about is your girl/boyfriend?
  • Do you find yourself angry that you must leave your girl/boyfriend to go on a family vacation?
  • Are you on the phone more than three times a week or more than fifteen minutes per call with your girl/boyfriend?
  • Do your friends complain that you never have time for them anymore?
  • Are your grades and other responsibilities suffering because you spent unscheduled time with your girl/boyfriend?
  • Do you wonder if you are too serious?
  • Have you discussed marriage, children, weddings or other serious topics, and you're not engaged yet?
  • Do you feel like you're missing out on part of your life at that stage, and justifying it by telling yourself you must sacrifice for love's sake?

If your answer is "yes" to one or all of these, you might very well be too close

To slow down:

    1. Express your concern to your girl/boyfriend.

    2. Suggest you put yourselves on a stricter and more limited Biblical Dating schedule.

    3. Stop discussing intimate matters immediately.

    4. Ask your parents or pastor to monitor your relationship for a few months.

    5. Schedule your friends and family back into your life.

Question: How can a guy or a girl stay interested in each other and not get too serious?

Answer: Four things determine "staying interested."

1.     Date a person you really want to get to know.

2.     Date by schedule (not too often).

3.     Have shorter dates rather than longer dates.

4.     Have creative dates instead of boring dates where you do the same old things.

Question: What do you do when a guy will not take "no"for an answer?

Answer: Tell your dad, and let him care for the matter. If you do not have a dad, tell your pastor or counselor. I have told many men "no" for several young ladies.

Question: Do you think teenagers should date in high school, and what do you think about Biblical Dating around in high school?

Answer: NO, I don't prefer it. However, I won't change it, and have no desire to do so. What I do suggest and prefer is that high school teenagers have many friends, some of both gender. I think it would be very appropriate to spend some time with just one of these friends on a non-regular, non serious basis. I would not settle down with one steady date, but rather, I would seek the company of my friends as a whole and, on occasion, with each of them individually.

Question: How do you know if you are in love?

Answer: You know you are "in love" when you decide to love that person. Love is a decision. That may be a little difficult for a young teen to grasp, but I don't think young teens should be trying to fall in love, and if they are, it should not affect how often they date or how long they must wait to many.

If you are Biblical Dating the right kind of person, and your parents and pastor promote the relationship, and you sense an obvious "chemistry" between you and your date (meaning you thoroughly enjoy and relate with each other's personality, and look forward to seeing and being with each other), and you communicate well to know that your feelings, goals and life's purposes are in agreement, it is safe to say you are "in love," or rather, you are ready to decide that you love each other.

Question: When will you know you are ready to get married?

Answer: You might be ready for marriage long before you should marry. The wise young couple does not begin serious Biblical Dating until the time frame of their college careers and their finances allow them to consider getting serious. My advice would be to wait until you finish college before you many, though you may feel you are ready several years earlier.

Knowing "when you are ready" is not a feeling or an emotion. It is deciding when you should allow yourself to marry, and then scheduling your Biblical Dating life accordingly.

Question: What is a mistake that Biblical Dating teenagers make when attending college?

Answer: Trying to get too serious too fast and not getting really involved in all of the college life first.

Question: What is “God’s design for Sex?”

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